Monday, December 19, 2011

Search for the Toshiba Tablet for ShesConnected

As part of the Toshiba Ambassador Program  for Sheconnected. I set out to get my hands on a Toshiba Tablet. I wanted to see what it was really like when I held it in my hands. That was a hard task. I went out with my 8 year old daughter - who was my cameraperson for the videos - to see if we could did manage to hold  one in our  hands but we could not actually get it to work. Our first stop was Best Buy. It did feel good in my hands and I did like the position of the buttons. It was a nice size. I can see the kids and I watching movies and playing games on this tablet.

It is pretty to look at. It fit nicely in my hand but the sales associate couldn't get the screen to come on.

Not a bad price.

Lots of products in stock at Best Buy.

So we did check things out at Future Shop. This time we couldn't even hold it. There was not a single Toshiba Tablet on display.
So disappointing. There was no Toshiba Tablet on display.

Some of the features that I do like.....from Toshiba


Powered by Android 3.2™, Honeycomb, this tablet delivers an easy-to-use interface with more customizable features. Enjoy a variety of apps available from the Android Market™, plus a full suite of familiar Google apps, such as Gmail, Google Books, Google Maps, Google Music, Google Videos and more.

I like the idea of the Android because I have an Android phone. I am fully immersed in the Google world, with Gmail, Google Maps etc. I like the idea of have the same-type format for all my devices.

 I hope to have a video of me actually using a Toshiba Tablet Thrive soon!  Stay tuned.

Disclosure:  I am participating in the Toshiba Brand Ambassador program by ShesConnected.  I received a Toshiba Camileo in exchange for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fun With Dad

What Dad lets the kids do when Mom is at work!
He lets them shower in their clothes! 

My New Addiction

OK. I think it is time that I come clean. I have a problem. It is kind of embarrassing but I think it is time that I be honest with myself and all of you. I am the butt warmer in my car.

Wow. I said it. I feel so much better.

Here is the thing - when it gets cool outside ( I am not talking cold, just a cool breeze would do it) I turn on the seat warmer in my car. Day or night that butt warmer is on. There is just something so cozy about a warm seat.

Tech for the Holidays

Toshiba Brand Ambassador

I am looking forward to taking part in this program. I will be checking out some cool products from Toshiba and will let you know what I find.

I am going to take a look at the Toshiba Tablet or/and 3D HDTV...not sure if I can choose. I want to take the Tablet for a spin but I know my husband would LOVE to check out the TV. I might have to report back on both. I will keep you posted