Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Fury...and Furry .... Dictator

She really knows how to use those puppy dog eyes. She is sweet, there is not doubt about that BUT she has a problem. Or maybe I should say I have a problem? 

I think she thinks she is the boss of me!

Yup, she pushes me around. She whines at me to go outside. She whines at me to come in. She whines at me to curl up with me on the couch. She even paws at me to get my attention if I have my laptop on my lap because she wants me to make room for her on my lap.  That is not all. 

She whines at me for food. 

She would take any food I am eating but she has a special affinity for dog treats, mostly Milk Bones. She actually knows what the box looks like and when she sees it sitting on the kitchen counter she really gets serious. In all fairness she has an addiction. She is addicted to Milk Bones. 

She needs doggy rehab!

She doesn't know it yet but I am taking back the control. I am working on an intervention for her. It is going to be tough. Tough for her? NO! Nope! NO WAY! 

It is going to be TOUGH for me!   

I am not sure I can stay strong enough to help her kick the habit. Right now there are not Milk Bones in the house and it isn't pretty BUT we are sticking to the plan. 

 And she isn't happy about.....

To be continued......