Friday, November 29, 2013

A Smile... So Simple

Smiling people, Christy, do less and get more.

    The Universe

This was a great reminder. I have written about daily reminders and gratitude before and I can't say enough how important they are. Yesterday I was in a serious funk, angry and disappointed about a lost opportunity and lack of professionalism. I don't want to go into detail, I am trying to be professional, SO yes I am vague-blogging! That being said I let that one thing taint my entire day. I was just angry. 

I continue to struggle with shaking off negative thoughts. Sometimes that inside voice is louder than I want it to be AND that is why daily reminders are so important. They help me refocus on what is really important and refocus on the positive rather than the negative. 

What do you do to refocus and remain positive

Monday, November 25, 2013

Something To Love

Here is a list that everyone should think about. I know I should be saying a lot of things on that list more.... it is all about being kind to each other and respecting each other.

Take a look.... and thanks SoulPancake for posting such great stuff!

I have a few things I would add to the list... How about telling the people in your life that you LOVE them! Or how about "You are important to me" or how about "Your opinion matters to me" OR "I hear you".

What else do you think should be on the list??? Comment and let me know

Daily Reminders

I subscribe to a lot of stuff that comes into my inbox every single day. Most I read occasionally.... but there is one email I read ALWAYS. That email is titled TUT.... the messages are always uplifting, inspiring and motivational

You simply cannot know, Christy, what will make others happy.

But you can always know for yourself.

Go for it,
    The Universe

I discovered TUT, messages from the Universe, after reading a book by Mike Dooley. The book is called Choose Them Wisely. It is a collection of some of the greatest messages from the Universe, emails that went out to people on the TUT newsletter/email list.  It was a book that helped me get more focused and inspired. The TUT messages help me to remember every single day to stay focused, inspired and motivated.