Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I have a personal interest in Young Adult literature. I am doing a little bit of my own writing so I have been trying to do some extra reading in that area of the library/book store recently. So tonight I wanted to review a quick review of a YA book I just finished. SIDE EFFECTS by Amy Goldman Koss


Koss tells the story of an artistic 14-year-old girl whose life takes a very unexpected turn when she's diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.When I first started to read this book I was worried that it would be sad and heavy but Koss brings are light, humourous tone to the very serious topic of cancer. The lead character is spunky and interesting. Izzy is a firery 8th grader who takes her personal brand of fight and takes on cancer. She has to learn about her illness fast. The story takes on a very serious topic but it doesn't depress it actually uplifts. It is great to see our young lead character take ownership of her own health care. It is a funny book with a great message. I enjoyed it.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Here is something bound to spark heated debate!

A new British Study is raising heckles among some working mothers.It suggest women who hire nannies may be buying trouble. Briitsh researcher Dr. Dennis Friedman says Mothers who have nannies care for young sons may be inadvertently raising adulterers. His book "The Unsolicited Gift" says it teaches young boys early on that there are multiple woman who can meet their needs and introduces them to the concept of the "other woman".

Thoughts? Would love to hear what you all have to say.

Here is a link an article on the issue in the UK newspaper The Telegraph

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


This is my first Write a Review Wednesday post. I love the idea of it. I have written a few reviews in the past. Tonight I want to mention two books, one is a family favourite and the other is one that I just picked up today.

I first read Charles Fuge's book Sometimes I Like to Curl up in a Ball when my first daughter was an infant. I read it to her often and as she got a little older we would play out the pages of the story. If you don't know the story I will tell you a little about it. It tells the tale of little wombat. He spends the day doing all his favourite things, spending the day with his friends. At the end of the day all he really wants is the love and comfort of his Mom and his home.

For me this book is familiar. It brings me back to those early days when I was a new Mom and everything was fresh and new. There are a lot of emotions tied up in the pages of this book. I remember the hearty giggle of my little girl when we both stuck out our tongue ( read the book with your little one and you will know exactly what I am talking about).

The illustrations are bright and full of life. I love them. And let's face it, since Mom's and Dad's are buying a lot of the childrens' books out there I think the art of a book is essential. It is a sweet book that we have loved for nearly seven years and we still pull it out often to read it together. It is worth adding it to your at home bedtime book library.

The other book I wanted to mention is one that I received from Penguin Canada called The One Week Job Project by Sean Aiken. It started out an idea, then it was ( and still is) a website,  

I just started the book but I am intrigued. The idea of the book is this...Sean Aiken embarked on a 52 week journey in search of the one job that his is passionate about, one seven day job at a time. I hope to finish the book soon to let you know how it all turns out. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This Makes Me Smile....

I have posted this video before as a link. It is worth watching often. It always makes me smile and helps to wash away all the crap from the day.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Do My Best Thinking in the Car!

Ok, anyone who knows me, knows that I commute to work five days a week. They also know that on a good day it can take me a hour each way. On a really bad winter day it has taken me three hours, yup I said it, 3 hours to get to work. Makes me tired just thinking about that day.

BUT...and that is a big BUT because while the commute is irritating it is also where I do some of my best thinking. It is quiet, and I am alone. Any Mom out there knows that being alone is a rarity. I love my kids but they don't really give me a chance to have a moment alone. I am not even alone in the bathroom, but that is fodder for another post.

Until the handheld cellphone ban, I used to call a lot of people from the car. OK, I know I need to get a hands free device. I have one but just haven't embraced it yet. The car was a great place to call people. I often remember to make appointments, remember things that I want to say to my husband, my Mom and Dad, friends, and I also come up with some of my best writing ideas. My mind can really wander in the car. ( I don't wander too far from the road. I promise. I am a safe driver, especially when I am in the car without the kids. Less distractions)

My ideas are so good while I am commuting to work that I have even  been known to pull out the recorder to tape my ideas. I can't really write it down while I am writing. And if I don't record the idea in some way, shape or form, once I park the car the idea is gone. You see, most of my ideas only live in the car. They leave my mind the minute I park the car and head up to the newsroom only to come back the minute I hit the road to drive home at midnight.

I come up with article ideas, people I would like to interview, books to read and lately, books to write.

So where do you do most of your best thinking?

Monday, March 15, 2010

What I am Passionate About....

I am writing this post for a contest. The winner of the Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ‘10 Contest  will get a trip to Blogher 2010 and a job blogging for Mabel's Labels for a year.

The Challenge:  Write a post on your blog in response to the following hypothetical situation: Electrical storms are going to wipe out the Internet (perhaps forever). You have one day left to write about your passions: what do you want to say to the blogosphere in 300 words or less? 

Here is my entry.

Family is what matters most to me.

When I was 8 years old my family changed forever. My baby sister was hit by an impaired driver. In an instant life as I had known it ended. Everything came crashing down. My sister was only 5 years old. She survived. We all did. It was hard but my parents are strong people and they helped us all learn to live life in this new reality. My sister survived but was never going to be the same. None of us were. She was facing a life of serious challenges but she was alive and we were so happy that she was still with us.

Fast forward 30 years, I am a mother now. My girls are 6 and 4 years old. My youngest daughter is just months away from her 5th birthday, the same age my sister was when she was hit. The power of what happened to my sister and our entire family hits home. Only now can I truly understand how difficult it must have been for my Mom and Dad. My parents kept our family together.

My parents have shown me what it is to be a parent, to be a great parent. They know how close our family came to losing everything in an instant. They value family above all else. I have learned from my parents about how important family is. I am working to teach my children the importance of family. At the end of the day family is all that we have.  We support each other, love each other, and learn from each other.

Family is what I am passionate about.

Monday, March 1, 2010


So Birthday's are a big deal in my family. As a child my parents always had a party for us. It was never anything like the kids parties are now a days but we always had friends over, a special meal and of course cake. My grandmother always made us money cakes. Totally awesome! And now that I am an adult we still have parties, although they are just family now but our birthday's are always a special day. We get to pick what we want for dinner and my mom makes or gets us a cake. Now that I have kids, I really put a lot of effort into birthdays. I just feel like it should be the one day of year that you should feel special. It's your day!

So I like to start planning parties early. My oldest daughter is turning 7 years old in May and it's no surprise that I am already planning. I like to have a different theme every year. Last year it was a Minnie Mouse party. The Christmas before we had been to Disney for the first time. The kids were over the moon and that was the inspiration for the party.

And of course then there was the party for my youngest last year, she was turning 4 and everything was about the princessess. Like here big sister, there was home made skirts. At both parties, all the party goers got to take home their skirts. It was the loop bag.

So this year we decided on a flower theme for my oldest daughters party. Her birthday is in spring so it will be a flower tea party. Here are some of the ideas that we found courtesty of this website,

(pictures from )

So, am I crazy for starting to plan so early? What do you do for your children's birthday parties? Do you have any suggestions for our flower tea party?


Today was a lazy day. My daughter and I decided to go for a walk while big sister was at school. I walked and she took her scooter.

It was great. Sometimes you just need a walk on a sunny day to clear your mind, lift your spirits, to get inspired. Today was one of those days. It was a spectacular day. I feel refreshed and ready to get working on some of the inspiring ideas that my walk sparked.