Sunday, February 17, 2008


It just seems some days it can all get to ya. Ya know?

The kids can just drive you crazy. But then it's bed time. 

Tonight I put my girls to bed. Once we got past the bumpy part, it was smooth sailing. I read the bed time story and put my little angels to sleep. I then slipped out of the room with a big sigh of relief. I sat down to  watch some t.v. And then I hear it. The creak of the door. I look up to the top of the stairs and there I see my 2 year old, standing with bottle in hand and princess tiara on head. 

It's those sweet, funny moments that make the craziness of the day wash away.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I came across this really GREAT card company. The cards will make you laugh. They tell it like it is, all the while capturing some of the sweetest moments of being a parent. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I got thinking about this the other day when I was considering article topics for some magazine pitches. Before my husband and I had kids, we seemed to have so much time on our hands. I am actually not sure what we did with it all. If only I could have it all back.

My husband agrees with me on this one. ( I know I said it, he agreed with me, openly. Ha Ha) It seemed that we had so much time and yet we never did anything really exciting. We didn't go on any exotic trips, we didn't do any major renovations, nothing exciting. I remember going to dinner and movies a lot. I remember just hanging out A LOT. But what is that? Couldn't we have used our time more wisely?

If only I could have that time back. Now a days it seems, with two full time jobs, mom and news editor, and two kids and a husband, there just isn't enough hours in the day. I remember hearing that from parents before I had kids and I remember thinking they were just exaggerating or just not organized enough. Now that I am a working parent, I find myself saying the same thing. And, as all you other overworked parents out there know, it is no exaggeration. THERE JUST ISN'T ENOUGH TIME IN THE DAY.

I say again, where did all that free time go?

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


It feels like forever since I posted. 

Life has gotten busy since Christmas. We enjoyed a family vacation to Florida.  Once we got back, it was back to work for me, school for "Special K" and so it begins again. It is amazing how quickly the routine of life takes over. 

I think I need to find the balance again. Where do I start?

I am thinking a hot bath, nice glass of wine and a good book would be good. What do you think?


For Christmas "Special K" wanted a digital camera. And no surprise Santa delivered. Here are a few snapshots she took with her new camera.