Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Argos and Old Navy

Before I write anything else, let's just say my husband is a HUGE football fan. So when Maria from www.amotherworld.com reached out to me about tickets to a Toronto Argos game I naturally jumped at the tickets. The tickets were offered up by Old Navy Canada in conjunction with their Super Fan Nation campaign. Old Navy has some great team t-shirts, like Argos T-Shirts! (see below for the fantastic T's we were sporting to show our Argo Love!) 

This was the first Argos game for the girls... and their first taste of street meat! Can you feel the excitement?
We were early... just catching the teams warming up!

My little super fan.

This was a big game. Toronto hosting Montreal. Some great rivalry here!

The game was so exciting. It was a great chance for us to do something as a family. It was also great for my husband to share his love of football with our girls!

Thanks Maria and amotherworld.com and thanks to Old Navy Canada. Thanks for giving these super fans a great family day together (even if the Argos lost)

Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm a Kinder Mom

You might have noticed from my previous post...I should really have started our by saying I have been selected to be a KinderMom for Kinder's 2013 Ambassador Program.


 I couldn't me more excited!

And this year Kinder has once again come out with some great new toys. 

Be sure to check out the Kinder Canada facebook page. They just gave away 10, 000 free Kinder eggs.

Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

ShesConnected 2012 Panel Presentation

I participated in a panel discussion on the weekend at ShesConnected 2012. I promised that the presentation would be posted...and so as promised .... the ShesConnected Presentation.

I want to say thanks to the lovely ladies who joined me to talk about how to write great posts! @SarahKelsey, Nadine Anglin @nsharona  and Mara Shapiro @ChickyMara I think it was a great collaboration. I also want to say thanks to Mara Shapiro aka @ChickyMara ... for being my new friend and for posting the presentation on slideshare!

There is nothing better than sharing ideas and that is what I love about conferences like ShesConnected 2012. Can't wait to share more tips, tricks and tools about writing and the media.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Escaping With Ford

 So we recently got a chance to test drive the new 2013 Ford Escape. In all fairness we a true Ford family. We currently drive two Ford vehicles, including a Ford Edge (which we love). When we saw the new re-designed Ford Escape we were so excited. We love the new body design.

We decided that we would load the Escape up with two adults, two kids, a dog and lots and lots of stuff and head to Muskoka and the cottage. We were a little worried that there wouldn't be enough room for all of us and our stuff BUT we were pleasantly surprised that we got it all in and everyone was comfortable.

 As you can see we packed the back pretty tight and there was still room to spare. There was more than enough room for the kids in the back seat. There was even room for the puppy to move around.

Ok, so who is coming to help me unpack? There was more stuff in this car than one person should be allowed to unpack!

We really like the interior of the car, including the front dash with all the bells and whistles like the nav and sirus radio! I will admit I didn't actually site in the back seat but the front seats were very comfortable. The driver seat was great, the seat almost felt molded just to me. The only concern I had was that the passenger seat just didn't have as much leg room as I had hoped, the glove box was large and got in the way a bit.