Monday, July 2, 2007


Wow. The Canada Day long weekend is over. And frankly I am exhausted. It couldn't have come any sooner.
It was a jammed packed weekend with my two girls, "Special K" and "M&M". Nicknames they have inherited from Daddy.

Here is just a sampling of the weekend.


7ish...the girls wake up. And because Mommy and Daddy both work late(Mommy didn't get to bed until 2 am...after getting home from work at 12:30 am)...the girls come into our room. They watch a bit of T.V. ( I know...can hear some of you out there cringe. Then again some of you might recognize this routine) And we get a couple more minutes of snooze time.

8ish...Mommy finally gets up...after several dozen calls from the girls. Hop in the shower. Everyone gets dressed. Breakfast on the porch. Daddy goes upstairs to work.

Breakfast on the porch only lasts a few minutes. And then we are off. "Special K"...she just turned 4...hops on her bike. Riding up and down the sidewalk in front of our house. "M&M"...she will be 2 this month...follows behind. Running down the sidewalk in front of our house. The girls see and talk to friends...anxiously waiting to head down to the park for Canada Day fun.

10:30...Daddy is finished drawing for now. And we all head down to the park...or as "Special K" likes to call it, The Duck Pond.

10:35 (cuz it only takes about 5 minutes to get to the park) until about 4ish...we check out the fun at the park. We walk and walk and walk. Except when we are listening to the Burlington Teen Tour Band play. And then we dance and dance and dance. We meet up with friends. "Special K" is so happy. We walk. The girls play in the splash pad. We have strawberries and ice cream. Yummmmm!

Boy I'm tired. Wish I had the engery of my kids.

Time for a nap. For everyone. "M&M" is almost asleep on the way home. Thank you for a bumpy stroller ride home.

4ish...Nap time for one. Only about 3 hours late. Yikes! Meanwhile, I at least get "Special K" to lounge on the couch for a good movie. At least it's something.

6:30 Dinner. (I skipped all the domestic stuff this time...there was a little garden work, a little clean up, a little get the picture.)

7:30 PJ time. This is usually bedtime too. But not tonight. Fireworks at 10 o'clock. We hope everyone can stay awake. Especially Mom.

9:30 Walk to the park for fireworks. The first time my girls get to see professional fireworks and not just the backyard variety.

10:00 Fireworks.
Now that was exciting. Nothing like seeing something for the first time. The girls were awe struck and a little scared at the same time.

Is it bedtime yet?

10:30 Walk home. We hurry. It's bedtime. Hurray!

10:45 "M&M" is in her crib. "Special K" is in her bed...and I am right beside her. ( again, I can hear some of you out there cringe at the thought of me lying down with my girl to get her to asleep. I say..ya do what ya need to do. Of course, again this is probably more than a little familiar to many of you.) And I think I fell asleep first. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz!

Midnight-ish I am suddenly awake to the sounds of my husband calling my name. I stumble out of the girls' room. I hate when that happens.

The day is done...slumber at last. Not quite enough time to recharge for the next fun filled day.