Tuesday, October 21, 2008


When it rains it pours, that is never truer when it comes to sickness in my house. The past few weeks I have been fighting off a cold, with a wicked cough to boot. All last week all I wanted to do was take a long nap, a week long nap really. That was not to be. While I was sick, my youngest got sick. She had a runny nose, cough, a persistent fever and then the vomiting began. ( hurray!) That lasted for two nights. Just what Mommy wants to do at 2 am...clean up vomit. Just when "M" got better, my oldest fell victim. As she walked out of school last Thursday she said, " Mommy, I don't feel very well." And, you guessed it, we got home and the puking began. Nice. Of course, it doesn't help that she has been coughing and wiping a runny nose for at least a week. We had another round of the vomiting on Sunday too. And is Mommy feeling better, not quite but I am on the road to recovery. I'm still waiting for that very long nap though.

What is it with kids? How do they manage to catch everything?

What's your best/worst sick kid story?