Monday, November 2, 2009


So, I got a free Tassimo from Tassimo Canada. It is all thanks to twitter. OK, so it's a promotion, I get that. The company gave away more than 300 machines. It was no doubt a marketing campaign to get the word out about their coffee machines. I get that. Here's the thing, I made no promises. I didn't have to say I would write a review, didn't have to sing the praises of Tassimo to my friends to get one of these coffee machines. I asked and I got one. That being said, I do love it. So, in the end I guess I am singing the praises of the machine.(so I guess the marketing campaign worked)

Several days after finding out that I was to get one of these fancy and free machines, the box arrived via FedEX. Not only did the box have a coffee machine inside, it also had several packages of coffee and tea discs. I was set for days. Days of coffee drinking bliss. And I drank, I even served up a few coffees to several friends in the neighbourhood.

I must admit that Tassimo has been a hit with friends and with me. I love how fast and easy it is to get a cup of coffee. I am the only coffee drinker in my house so brewing an entire pot of coffee isn't always practical. When you brew and drink an entire pot of coffee the first cup is always hot and tastey but by the last cup it's stale and certainly not hot. The Tassimo allows me to make a great cup of coffee or tea every time. I love coffee but I have to say the free Chai Tea Latte that came along with my new Tassimo is awesome, I have become addicted.

The kids love the Tassimo too. I managed to find hot chocolate discs at my neighbourhood Longos. My girls love to make their own hot chocolate. That's the other beauty of the's easy to use. It's so easy my 6 year old daughter can make her own cup of hot chocolate.

The best thing about my Tassimo is that it is saving me a tonne of cash. I work evenings in Toronto, about a hour drive from my home. Every day I would stop at Tim Horton's and grab a coffee and snack, spending at least $2.50 five days a week. I did the math and figured I was spending at least $750.00 a year on coffee stops. Since I received my Tassimo I haven't had to stop at Tim Horton's once. I am able to make myself a great cup of coffee in seconds just before I head out the door for work. So that's what I love about the Tassimo. It is a money saver.

So, my husband asked me if I would buy a Tassimo if I didn't get one free....and I have to say I would. So thanks Tassimo Canada!