Friday, January 22, 2010


So I think I am like a lot of people out there, I am hoping to cut my debt and start saving this year. I am hoping to track my progress and look for tips, advice and ways to have a healthier financial life this year. So I decided that every Friday I would publish a post called Frugal Fridays. I hope bring you some of my own ideas but also some ideas from friends, family and readers.

So for my first post I am going to touch on food. Since starting the new year I have consciously been preparing lunches to bring to work and trying to make sure that we are cooking and eating dinners at home. So last weekend we had friends over for dinner. It was a full turkey dinner with all the fixings. It is a dinner that we do with friends every year. This year was our turn to host and cook. It's great fun and we had some nice leftovers for the next day. Normally I would cut off the turkey and toss the rest. This year I am trying to be mindful of what we spend, eat and waste so I decided to get everything I could off that turkey. I cut as much meat off the bones and then I used the rest to make stock. I tossed the bones in a pot with onions, carrots and celery and a bunch of spices. I am a novice when it comes to doing something like that. It was an experiment that turned out pretty good. I got some great turkey stock out of it, stock that I used when I took all the leftover turkey and veggies to make a turkey pot pie for the next nights dinner. It was a success. I managed to use all the leftovers and the kids loved it too!

It didn't take much effort. We limited our waste and stretched our food dollars.

I plan to keep it up for the entire year. Look for more stories, tips and advice. I hope to post expert advice, articles and other news that you can use to help you cut your debt and save your hard earned money.