Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Dogs

OK, I know they aren't always the most nutritious choice but to be honest they are always in my house - usually in the freezer. They are kind of a stand by kids food (OK, Mom food too sometimes) . My kids love hot dogs. I like a good hot dog occasionally too. They are often on the summer BBQ menu because BBQ'ing hot dogs is how I really love them.  And beans and hot dogs are a good lunch when the weather is cold outside.

I recently was offered coupons by Maple Leaf to try their Top Dogs. I will be honest when it comes to hot dogs I am picky. I don't eat pork so my dogs need to be all beef, preferably with no fillers. Maple Leaf  Tops Dogs are available in six varieties, including 100 % Angus Beef, BBQ size and with less salt. I really liked the Angus Beef Top Dogs.

The coupons were part of Maple Leafs campaign promoting the companies contest encouraging parents and kids across Canada to pile on the toppings and share how they like to "top" their Top Dogs for a chance at $25,000 and the crown title of "Canada's Next Top Dog". The top 10 finalists selected will be in Toronto this weekend for a live cook-off taking place at this years Scotiabank Buskerfest

* I have 2 sets of coupons for two readers. Anyone interested in some coupons for Maple Leaf products leave me a comment and I will pick 2 people for the coupons.(they can be used for a number of different Maple Leaf products, not just hot dogs). I will mail them out to you. Those selected will be chosen at random.

***I received coupons to purchase Maple Leaf products but my opinions and views are my own***