Sunday, October 16, 2011

Three Things I Learned About Parenting Today

Everyday I realise that being a parent is a learning process. I learn something new from my children everyday. I think of these as life's lessons of an awesome life. Sometimes I think we let the junk of life, of everyday life, get in the way of seeing these lessons of an awesome life. I have been thinking a lot about this lately. So I wanted to start writing down the awesome things I learn from my kids each and every day. Children are great teachers.... they see the beauty in life, life is fun and exciting for them and everything is new for them

So I reached out to some of my twitter friends and asked them what 3 things they learned from their kids today or things they learned as a parent ( Friday). Here are their answers

@SmittySmiles  ... as a parent...listen...listen...listen

@susanotkids 1.rainy mornings are difficult for kids (and parents) to get up 2. make a plan but always in pencil 3. it would be dull without kids :)

@Mumitude there's a moment when you can see that your hard work is paying off, it's ok to let them go, and they're always your baby (*to put it in context, dd16 had first driving lesson 2night. Then I dropped her at the mall with her friends, then we snuggled)

My (@Imfreckles) three things were laugh, relax and have fun no matter what

I think as we grow up we forget the beauty of being a child and living life with the outlook of a child. They see the beauty and fun of everyday, they truly know how to have fun, to dream with an abundant amount of imagination and think that life is never ending and full of limitless possibilities. Every day I am going to work to living a life with those childlike possibilities. We can learn so much from our children and part of that is learning to let children be children and learning to live in, around and with the beauty of our children