Wednesday, December 5, 2012

#HolidaySwap Challenge with the new #WindowsPhone

So, when I was asked by Microsoft to try out the New Windows phone, the Nokia Lumia 920 
I was excited to give it a try.... BUT.... then they informed me that it would be a swap at the busiest time of the year, Christmas! I will be honest I was a little apprehensive. I know it is just a phone but there is a certain level of comfort that comes from having the phone that I know in my hand when I am navigating my busy life during December....BUT I was up to the #HolidaySwap Challenge

For starters it is much larger and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S that I was using.  The Lumia 920 measures 5.12 inches tall, 2.7 inches wide, and 0.42 inches thick. At 6.5 ounces, it’s significantly heavier than the iPhone 5 (3.95 ounces) or the Galaxy S III (4.69 ounces).

I have had the phone for a few days now and already there are a few things that I really like. First, as you can see from the picture to the left, the windows/tiles on the phone constantly update. I am able to see which of my accounts have an update, for example I can see when I have a new email, or a new message on twitter. It is great to be able to stay up to date in a glance.

The beauty of the tiles is that I can customize them. I can decide which ones I pin (put on the main page of my phone), I can also decide where they go and how big or small they should be. I am able to truly customize the look of the phone just for me!

There is another great feature that I LOVE! It is the Kids Corner. It is a special, separate page just for the kids and you are in total control of what is there. I was able to put a few games that are favourites for my kids. I decide what they can play with when I decide what to put in the kids corner. Once the kids open up their own page they are not able to access the rest of my contacts or pages or accounts (unless they have my password that is!)

All it takes is a swipe of the finger and the kids can see their own spot on the phone. They can not add or delete games on their own. I am in control of what gets added...and I like that! 

Here are a few of the games and apps we have added so far. There are so many the kids like and we are working through them to see what else we should add.

I have already started to take some pictures and play around with some of the cool lenses.  The phone can take some really great pictures and the lenses let you do some really neat things with those pictures. I am still experimenting and hope to share some of those with you in my next post!

I received a Nokia Lumia 920 from Microsoft Canada to try out. I am being compensate for my posts but the opinions written here are my own.