Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Small Steps...Mean Big Results

I have loved taking part in this campaign. 2013 has all been about health and well being. This year is all about getting healthy for me. So this campaign by ShesConnected and Adult Essentials couldn't have come at a better time for me. It has helped me keep focused and be accountable since I am blogging about it!

As the campaign comes to a close it is important to say that my health and wellness journey has just begun! I hope to never close the door on getting healthy...mind, body and spirit.

I have come to realize that the best way to get the best results if for me to take small steps every single day. For example, I am striving to cut out or at least cut down the amount of coffee that I drink every day! It is a challenge every day but one that I welcome. I am also challenging myself to eat more fruits and veggies every single day, or should I say drink more fruits and veggies. We bought a juicer at our house and juice every single day ( although I will admit some days I don't get a glass down. My husband is a champion at the juice-every-day challenge!)  I am challenging myself to eat better at work. It is something that is hard for me since there is a pop machine and a vending machine just a few steps away from my desk. Finally, I am exercising more than ever before and to be honest that is saying something since this time last year I was doing very little exercise. Every week I hit the pavement with a group of women, led by Sue Abell, who kick my butt every single Thursday. If you are downtown Burlington Thursday mornings at around 10 o'clock honk or wave!

 I will continue to take vitamins, particularly Adult Essentials mainly because that are just so tasty. Gummy vitamins are a family affair. My kids love the IronKids Gummy vitamins. The kids are just  glad mom and dad finally have their own Adult Essentials gummy vitamins so we will now stop eating their vitamins.

What small changes have you made that have made a big impact in your life? Or on your overall health?

Disclosure - " I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by ShesConnected. I received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own"