Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Creative

Image courtesy of Evgeni Dinev/

"Creativity is not in competition with anyone else or anything else - it is happy just to be what it is"

I recently took my girls to the book store. They both had gift cards they wanted to use. Whenever I go into Chapters or Indigo I LOVE to head over to the clearance/bargain books section. To be honest, it is where I like to go to browse for hidden gems and I am often successful. It is where I found Mike Dooley's book Choose Them Wisely. I picked it up for $4.99. Great price! If you have never read this book you need to pick it up. It is a collection of messages from the Universe or inspirational quotes, passages and mantras. I LOVED it and often pick it up as a fresher. I even have many, many pages in the book dog eared or marked so that I can go right to them when I need inspiration. If you are not familiar with Mike Dooley and his website  you should check him out and sign up for his messages from the Universe. They are emails that come daily to your inbox and they are truly inspirational.

So this time while I was cruising the bargain book shelves I noticed this book..

It is almost like the Universe sent this book to me. You see I am working on launching something pretty cool, I think. It all has to do with getting creative. It is all about creating amazing content and creating an amazing life.


So naturally I snapped up this book. It is small and mighty! There some amazing statements, quotes, tips and tricks to find your way to creativity. A real gem for sure.

It was the right book at the right time for me. A message from the Universe for sure. 

Have you ever had a message from the Universe speak right to you? Have you ever had something happen to you when the time was just perfect... exactly what you needed at the time you needed it?