Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Loving Local

Cappuccino crafted by Jimmy @ Tamp

I just love, love, love this.  

The talented owner and barista Jimmy Zereneh crafted this delish cup of coffee. A cappuccino to be exact. Jimmy owns and operates TAMP . It is a gem. Almost a hidden gem. It is a little coffee shop in a little out of the way location in downtown Burlington. It is small but mighty. I can honestly say I have never had a bad cup of coffee there. Today I had coffee with a friend and it was great! The company was great, the location was great and the coffee was fantastic.

There is nothing better than supporting local businesses. Could we have gone to Starbucks? Sure. I always feel it is important to support small, local businesses and entrepreneurs. They are the life blood and back bone of any great community. If you don't  support local businesses they will just disappear. 

So, here is my challenge to you....go out, find a great local business and buy something from that business just once this week!