Monday, June 16, 2014

Proud Mama ... and Proud Kid

This was a proud moment for me... and my youngest daughter. All the kids at her school had the opportunity to try out for ball throw and long jump. My daughter discovered that long jump was not really for her but when it came to ball throw she did really well. In fact, she ended up making the final cut. She was one of two girls in all of grade three to move on to the area wide track and field meet. 

Awesome... right?

Well, she was more than a little excited to be going to the meet. The grade three girls were first up on the day of the track and field meet. She tossed the ball toward the target, hoping to do her best. She did her best and in the end she finished 1st of all the grade three girls at the track and field meet. 

We couldn't be more proud! She was thrilled with her effort and loved her first place ribbon.