Monday, February 9, 2009


This Canadian winter has not been kind to my hands and feet. Sound familiar? I must admit, while I love to go to the salon or spa to get a bit of pampering, it isn't always in the budget, know what I mean? Well I have a few at home options, a couple of things that I love. One is old, the other is a new discovery.
First, is a Mary Kay product. I am not really one to spend a tonne on beauty products on a regular basis but Mary Kay's Satin Hands is just awesome.

This kit goes for $51 cdn. Seems expensive up front but it does last a long time. I have gotten a smaller sampler size kit in the past. It is worth the money though, you will have the softest hands you have ever had.

The second is for your feet. I got this next one as a freebie. I loved them. These socks from AirPlus are aloe infused and extra soft and fussy. Just what you want when you curl up on the couch.