Thursday, February 5, 2009


I think back on all the stuff we have bought since becoming parents. A high chair is one of those things that is a necessity once the kids are at that in between stage...too small to sit at the table but big enough to sit on their own and feed themselves. We own 2 high chairs, the first one was a huge mistake. It was big, had a plastic seat cover that let's just say got nasty, really nasty, when all the food got stuck under it and was nearly impossible to clean off. Then we got a great wood Eddie Bauer number, thanks to my dad.The big draw back? It's big and when you kicked it ... BOY DID IT HURT. There were many a throbbing toe and a few curse words to go along. I am happy to say the high chair has been retired to the basement.

Now, if I had only seen this high chair when my kids were still using one. How awesome! It's called the Minui HandySitt

Thanks to my friend Emma over at Urbanbaby & toddler for this find. Emma you always have great finds. Check out her blog for more fantastic stuff