Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Motivated

Weekends can be hard.

As I look back on the weekend with my Monday eyes, I can see that things could have gone better. I also recognized where we are going wrong with our weekends. I am just too tired and we are trying to pack too much into every weekend.

This past weekend my girls had dance classes in the morning. That is where things go bad. My oldest girl has decided that she doens't like jazz class anymore but doesn't know why BUT still wants to quit. I don't want her to quit. I think it is important that she finish the year, there is only two months left. Although, those two months could kill us both but I want her to follow through. She wanted to sign up for jazz not me. And we had a beaut appointment to go to and then the girls had a birthday party to go to. By the time the party was over it was 6:30, all that was left was dinner and bedtime. I was exhausted by the end of the day. Wiped really. Saturday's are always the days when I just fall down from a week of very little sleep.

Sunday was a day to sleep in and hang around in my P.J's and a cup of coffee. It actually started out great. The kids slept in. The youngest came into our room at 8 o'clock and the oldest came in at 9. Sweet. Then they watched a movie in the play room and ate breakfast while I watched a chick flick on T.V. and ate my breakfast. A nice slow morning. Then the kids ventured outside and the day really began. Friends from down the street came to call and my kids didn't come back into the house until 6 oclock. I was out with them too.

As a result of that busy weekend, my oldest had a terrible sleep last night. That means Mommy had a terrible sleep last night. When we got up this morning my oldest wasn't feeling well and ended up staying home from school.

My motivation message today is not to do too much. I think I over compensate on the weekends, trying to make up for all the days that I work during the week. I work evenings so I miss out on a lot with my girls and they miss out a lot not being able to play with friends after school. I think it is important to spend time but not to over do it. I am going to try to pace myself and my girls. It will be hard to do I am sure. I will keep you posted to let you know how it goes.