Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OK, so Motivation Monday has turned out to be Motivation Tuesday this week. Monday was a holiday here in Ontairo. It was Family Day. It is a relatively new holiday and I have to say when it was first introduced a few years ago it seemed a bit silly. Although, who would look down on an extra holiday in a really dreary winter month.

I have to say that Family Day is a much need day off. And I actually spent the day with my family. It was great. The kids played together at home. It was a nice break for them. The T.V. was off and they were just playing using their imagination. They can be so creative. They also took some time to make birthday cards for their cousin. It was her 23rd birthday. We joined several other family members for a birthday dinner. It was a great time. There was 14 people at the dinner. A much needed meal to reconect.

It seems as our lives get busier we have less time with family. When I was a little girl we would drive to Toronto it seemed at least once a month to have Sunday dinner at my grandparents. It was a great time. My Nanny, as we called her, always had great treats for us. My Grampy always had flavoured pop and ice cream in the basement fridge.  It was a large Sunday sit down meal. Sometimes my Nanny would play the piano after dinner. On the way home we always made my parents drive home on the Gardiner so we could see all the light up billboard signs at night. It was the perfect ending to the day. We lived in the suburbs and the big city lights were exciting for us as small children.

Now that I am a Mom, I realize how important it is to stay connected with your family. Grandparents are very important. Sunday dinners are a great way to stay connected, to talk and to learn about what has happened in the past week and what everyone is looking forward to in the week to come.

Family Day was a true family day for me. The long weekend allowed me to recharge my batteries and get some much needed rest.