Friday, June 4, 2010

FIVE FRIDAY FAVS: bank accounts

So it was another busy week but what's new. I am back to my five favourites from the week and this week it has to money. This week I finally opened a bank account for my girls. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. You see every year my in-laws give my children money for their birthday and it inevitably gets spent because the kids don't have a bank account to stash it away in so this week I finally did it! Hurray for me!

1. One more thing off my to do list: I can finally cross this task off the list of things that needed to get done. I am not the best at organization so this was a biggie for me. Next step is getting the girls a Registered Education Saving Plan.

2. Bank book & bank card: The kids were over the moon to get their own accounts, bank books and their own bank card that they can use to buy things and take money out of the bank machine. It is so exciting to see the smiles on their faces when they show family and friends their new bank books and bank cards.

3. Ownership and Responsibility: I am happy that I am teaching my girls about saving money and how exciting it is to have money in the bank. They are so happy and feel like they have some responsibility in how they spend and manage their own money. My youngest daughter is already planning how she will save her money for our yearly holiday trip to Florida and she is only 4 years old!

4. Making a deposit: I loved watching both my daughters line up for the bank teller and give their bank books and money to deposit. They were smiling from ear to ear. They were so proud of themselves. It was worth every minute we waited to see the pure joy on their faces as they made their first ever bank deposit! So cool!

5. Paying customers: I have to admit it is pretty cool to have kids that can actually pay for dinner!