Monday, July 11, 2011

Motivation Monday

I have often written under this header before - Motivation Monday. The idea when I first started was to write about it when I needed a good kick in the behind. Right now I could use a good kick when it comes to freelance writing.

I have let some things slip over the past few weeks. I am not sure if you are like this but sometimes I find that I just have to take a step back from all the EXTRA work I do outside of my full time job. I do love to write but sometimes I just lose steam when I am writing for work, writing to deadline and just writing a lot. I write for a living, so to speak, in my full time job and so sometimes when I do a lot of freelance writing I think I get burnt out. I just lose the inspiration. Often, life just takes over all the extra time that I have. I think that happens when Moms work outside the house, work in the house and just generally manage a family and life.

So writing a post can put a fire under me. Part of that comes from putting it out there to all of you. It makes me responsible.

I am working ahead with some house getting house paperwork in order, getting the kids play areas sorted out and working on the upkeep of the outside spaces of the house. I have some unfinished freelance work. I think a schedule might help to keep me on track. Posting that schedule somewhere is also important. I did work to get the back room organized and set up a desk so that I finally have a main floor work area. I need to stop working at the dining table. (picture to come)

What do you do to keep you on track with freelance work? What about blog posts? Do you schedule your posts? I would love to hear how you manage your work.