Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Get Outside and Soak It Up

Today was simply just a gorgeous day. I could smell spring in the air. The sun was shining and it was just balmy out. The kids kicked off the boots and slipped on the crocs ( no socks). How great was that. If you are like me and live in a place that gets snow and cold temperatures during the winter you know what I mean when I say it is great to finally shake off the winter.

I had to keep reminding myself today to stop doing the housework and get outside to enjoy the beautiful day with my kids. I just needed to breath in the fresh warm air and feed my soul with a little bit of nature, even if it was from my from porch. I shouldn't need a reminder to get outside and enjoy life but sometimes we all need to be reminded. So here are a few things to enjoy outside that will feed your soul, make you feel a bit happier and just bring you a bit more bliss in your life.

1. Soak up the Sun.
And I don't necessarily mean slip on the bathing suit and fold out the lounger. I am just get out there and enjoy the sunshine. A little bit of Vitamin D will do your body good.We all need a little bit of sun to be healthy so get outside and enjoy it.

2. Smell the Roses
Get outside and just soak up nature. At this time of year there is so much great stuff coming up. Just today I was out with my youngest daughter and we both marveled at home many little crocuses are coming up. It just takes a moment to enjoy the amazing nature all around us.

3. Take a Walk ( or a ride)
Today I needed to go to the bank and since it was so beautiful outside I decided to walk so that I could really enjoy the day. My youngest daughter hopped on her bike to come with me. It is a great way to get a bit of exercise and enjoy the weather. It felt great to spend the time with my daughter, the two of us alone and time to talk.

4. Just Relax
Weather like today is perfect for sitting with a good book on the front porch. Add a coffee or tea and it is a great way to spend some time just on me.

5. Just Play
What a great day to get out and play with the kids. They know how to really soak up a beautiful day like this. We adults could learn a lot from our kids when it comes to getting outside, really enjoying the beautiful weather and just forgetting about the housework.