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Five Things You Should Do Every Day That Are Free
by Christy Laverty
The best things in life are free.

There I said it.

When you think about it you know it is true. I am talking about simple, everyday things that we often take for granted but when we embrace them they enrich us and make us happier. And being in a state of happiness will do wonders for you.

The happier you feel the better you feel. Just think about some of the best days of your life; your wedding, birth of your child, celebrating your birthday. Remember how happy you felt. Just thinking back to those days probably makes you feel happy.

There are simple things we can do every day that will enrich our daily lives; simple things. I am all about simple. I have enough craziness in my life on most days, just like a lot of Moms! We have enough on our plates, we don’t need complicated or difficult. Easy and simple are perfect for me.  And if you add free to the pot and stir in a little happiness that is one tasty soup in my mind.

So here we go. Just five simple things you can do every day to bring a little more happiness into your life!

1. Soak up the Sun
I am not talking about sun tanning. What I am saying is when the sun is shining take advantage, soak it up. Get outside.  There is nothing better for the body than some Vitamin D. It is a sure fire cure for the winter blues and blahs. It just makes you feel good to have the warmth of the sun shine down on your face. It puts a smile on my face that’s for sure.

2. Look at the Stars
I work evenings and so I don’t get home from work until about 1 a.m. Every time I pull up in my driveway and get out of my car I look up to the night sky. I love to take a few seconds to wonder at the stars. It is just so beautiful. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere you can actually see the stars in the sky at night, you should do it. It is awe inspiring.
When I get a chance to get up to our family cottage it is jaw dropping. There are so many stars I can hardly see them all. I am speechless whenever we sit by the fire or sit on the dock and stare up at the night sky. It is truly something everyone should see just once in their lives. It makes me happy. It costs nothing to take a few minutes to look up to the stars but it’s value is priceless for the soul.

3.         Take a Walk
Firstly, the exercise will do you good. It also gives you a great opportunity to see what is around your neighbourhood, around your house or work. You might even get the chance to discover some hidden gems. It also offers you a chance to be by yourself and think.  I think we all need time to be with ourselves, it does the body and mind and spirit good.

4.     Reach Out and Touch Someone
We are social creatures. There is nothing more important than the connections we have in our lives; they support us, they inspire us, they nourish us, they love us.  So do something that will bring you happiness and will give happiness to someone else and take a few moments to call, write or email a friend or loved one.  It is often something we forget to do as our lives get busy.
I have a childhood friend that I don’t talk to very often. She isn’t on Facebook or Twitter and doesn’t really use email so the phone is the best way to get in touch.  I have let that connection slide a bit. I miss her. So this week I am going to call her. You should do the same, call a friend, reconnect. It is important. It will nourish your soul and spirit. Let’s face it talking to friend can make you so happy!

5. Stop and Smell the Roses
Yes, if there are roses, or any other flower, you should stop and smell them. Flowers are meant to be enjoyed not just by the eyes but also by the nose BUT that isn’t all I am saying. This is a reminder to enjoy the beauty in your life every day. Slow down. Take a few minutes for yourself every day. You deserve it and it will nourish your mind and your spirit.
What simple things make you happy?

Christy Laverty is a mother and an editor for a Toronto all news radio station. She also does freelance writing for several parenting magazines. Visit Christy’s blog where she updates the trials, tribulations, and fun of being mom of two beautiful girls.

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  1. Even just reading your post made me feel better! Now, if only the sun would pop out, I might have to wait for the stars!


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