Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday - To Me

I have spent the past several days celebrating another birthday. I turned 41 years young last week.

Age is a funny thing. Many times when I tell people that I am in my 40's they are amazed. It always makes me feel happy when people think I am younger than I am, not because I want to be younger but because that means I look great, I look youthful. That is a great thing, no matter your age. I often think that age has more to do with how you feel and how you think than the number that you hit every year ( does that make sense?) I see my mom and dad and they act and feel and look younger than they are. They are both in their mid-70's and they look and feel and think great! I have learned a lot from them about how to approach aging gracefully.

So Happy Birthday to me... and here is to another great year. And many more.