Monday, February 18, 2013

A Better Me For 2013 #AdultEssentials

I have set a goal for 2013. I am striving to be healthier and happier this year

I am in my forties now and after years of raising kids, working hard and neglecting myself I am taking this year to focus on myself. As I have mentioned before I have started to workout once a week with a great group of ladies with TreadPowerfully, we have started juicing in our house, I am trying to kick my coffee addiction and started to be conscious of what I am eating.

The other thing I am expecting this year is some challenges. I think when we set goals inevitably there will be challenges along the way. I have already faced a few challenges, like struggling to kick the coffee habit. I knew it would be hard but in order for me to be successful at it needs to be top of mind... all the time. I have not always been successful at going all day without a coffee but I am certainly cutting down on what I drink.  Exercising is also hard. I don't always want to do it and I am hoping when the weather warms up a bit it will be easier. 

My husband and I are both juicing. He is better at it than me but I am working at getting better. It is a great way to get fruits and veggies in your diet. Thanks to Adult Essentials and ShesConnected, we are also getting our vitamins. The multi-vitamin is great. We also take Vitamin D and an Omega 3 vitamin. That are so tasty it hardly feels like a chore. The taste is one of the things my husband has been so impressed with. We have taken multi-vitamins before but they were also these big pills that needed to be swallowed but Adult Essentials taste great.

One of my next goals is to start meditating every day. I believe there are great benefits to meditation. I have tried it before but struggled with making it part of my every day routine. It is a challenge ( there is that word again!). I am going to start with baby steps, doing just a few minutes every day as I build up to a more substantial time of thirty minutes. I hope it will help me learn to focus more. I will keep you posted over the next month on how I do with my new routine of meditation.

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I received this bundle of vitamins as part of a blogging campaign with Adult Essentials and Shes Connected. I was compensated for my time but the opinions in this post, and any subsequent posts, are my own.