Tuesday, August 13, 2013

More Bliss

"Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls"
 Joseph Campbell

    Perfect happiness; great joy.
    Something providing such happiness.

felicity - beatitude - blessedness - happiness

One place where I can find bliss!


Way back in 2011 I decided to start writing a list, a Bliss list to be exact.

I wanted to write about all the things that make me happy or bring more bliss to my life. It was a short lived project. I didn't continue blogging about in list format but it is something that I have thought about and sometimes wrote about in different ways. Well, it is time to revive that project.

So every week I am going to write a post about all the things in my life that bring me bliss. It will be a great way to remind myself how great life is. And it really is. We all have days that could be better but when it comes right down to it there is always at least one thing ( and let's be honest there are often many things that we can be grateful for and that bring us bliss). It doesn't need to a big thing. Small, ordinary occurrences are usually the things that bring us the most bliss!  Things like the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of rain on a summer day or a beautiful sunrise or sunset! The fact that you can see, touch and smell those things is something to be grateful for! I believe we all need to recognize the small and large things in our lives that make life worth living. Granted some days can be harder than others to find the blissful things but just take a minute and think about it. Everyone can find one thing that brings a small amount of bliss into their lives.

And with that in mind I start a new with my Bliss List!!

Today I am grateful for quiet moments with my girls. We spent time this afternoon just chilling on the couch together. I snoozed a bit and the cuddled up and watched their favourite show.  We shared the small space on the couch for an hour or so. Sometimes the best thing to do is just to slow down and spend a lazy afternoon chilling on the couch together. This brings me bliss. 

What brought you bliss today?