Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School... Back to Routine

School for the kids is now in full swing. We made it through the first week. I will admit it was a tough week.

And now we are entering our third week of school and I will be honest I am fading fast.  The first week of school the kids and I walked. The second week we walked a couple of days but I was forced to drive them a couple of days. Now, we started off the third week with a drive. You see I am not getting up just a few minutes later than I did the first week and that can be costly. Just think if I get up just a few minutes later every single day by the end of the week we could miss the enter school day!  Not good people.  I have a history of being late. Other parents know it, other kids know it, the school knows it, my kids know it and you know what? I know it!  

I am not sure how I am going to make it the entire school year working the shift I do, doing all the extra teaching, writing and blogging that I do. I am exhausted and it is only week three of school 

I could nap during the day but to be honest I suck at that. I always seem to find other things to do, like the laundry, dishes and painting the kids bedrooms.  Makes sense right? Ya, the tired lady working on empty would decide to paint a bedroom rather than nap? What am I nuts? (don't answer that question!)

I think it is time to come up with a plan. I need to schedule my days better than I do. I could fall over if I don't slow down this pace and gets some sleep.

How do you manage your work load, family life and all the other stuff we fill our lives with?