Monday, September 23, 2013

My Weekend Project

So, like I don't have enough on my plate most days. I am still struggling to get a good rhythm with this back to school routine and more than just a little tired most days.....


naturally I decided to take on some serious projects around the house.

Firstly, I finally finished the painting in my children's bedrooms. I promise I will post pictures soon but you have to promise to forgive the bedroom mess. Now that my girls have their own rooms they are loving every inch of them  and so naturally that means the rooms are more than a little messy most days. I agreed to let them pick the colour and so both rooms are very bright and colourful. Bedroom one is sweetleaf green and purple and bedroom two is sweetleaf green and turquoise.

Now that that job is done it was time to move on..... painting the hall. Right now I only have the ceiling done. There is still some debate over the colour for the walls so that project is still a work in progress.


I felt it necessary to move on to yet another project. I needed to get into my husbands office. We need to have some electrical work done and so that meant I needed to move a very overloaded shelving unit so that was the starting point for this......

 I emptied his entire office, re-painted the pink walls ( the room used to be the girl's room) white and laid this floor down! It was a solid two days!
It took a few hours to put up new chrome shelves and put everything back in. It was hard work but every time I go into the office now and stand on that pretty floor and look around it makes me happy. OH and it makes my husband happy too every time he sits down at his desk/drawing table!