Monday, August 20, 2007


The girls and I have been home from the cottage for a few weeks now. It feels like forever and a day ago.

Back to running around and work for me.

It is amazing the change in the girls when they are up at the cottage. Such freedom.
When they are up at the cottage they are up early and in their swimsuits. They hit the lake, coming out only to eat and when it gets too dark to swim.

They got to see frogs, fish and even a mink...of course, Buddy, my parents dog chased it away. It has yet to return.

The days are endless up a the cottage.

Oh, to be young and carefree again...but at the cottage that's exactly how I feel. Too bad Daddy had to work. Next time...we will make sure of that.

We are so lucky to have a family cottage. My parents are giving a gift to my kids that is priceless. Life long memories of special time with family...there is nothing better.