Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I think every mom has embarrassing kid moments. Things your kids do that embarrasses the heck out of you, but is just pure and true curiosity or innocence on the part of your child. Sweet moments that make you laugh.

I love these.

My 2 year old daughter did something very embarrassing the other day at the Y. We were getting dressed after swimming lessons. Inside a stall. And like every curious child, she wondered what was on the other side of the stall wall. So, imagine to my horror, she peaks her little head under the wall, to look at the people on the other side. YIKES! I was shocked at the time, telling her to stop doing that RIGHT NOW. But when I replay the story in my head I chuckle a little.

My older daughter, now 4, has done so many funny and embarrassing things. When I think of her, I remember a long list of embarrassing moments. She has always been a bit shy, especially when she meets people for the first time. One of her favourite things to do was hide between my legs. What's so embarrassing about that you say? Well, when your daughter sticks her head up your skirt, the only one not laughing is MOM.

Oh, I could go on. Maybe I will share a few more later. Feel free to share your embarrassing kid moments.