Sunday, August 26, 2007


It's Sunday night. And I am exhausted. It's not that we did anything special this weekend. The usual.

Saturday @ 9
nail appointment(not as posh as it sounds...the kids were with me) followed by a trip to Nanny and Grampy's house. A few hours there. Drive home. One kid falls asleep. Thanks goodness for that. Home @ 1 o'clock. Hang out at home. Both girls are up. Dinner. Visit with neighbours. Home. Bed @ 8:30.

Sunday @ 9
Coffee...ah. Thank goodness for that. Breakfast. Playtime outside. Walk in the neighbourhood. Special K and M & M meet their little to the park we go. Play. Get wet. Drink. Walk home @ 12:30. Lunch. Nap for one. Break for Mom. Play time for Special K. M & M gets up. Dinner. Dress up time outside. Go for a walk. Visit our friend. Stay for a pop and conversation. Walk home. Bath time. Bed @ 8:30. Phew...I'm tired.

More fun to come tomorrow. We are going to the CNE...taking the train. The girls are so excited. Pictures and stories to come.