Wednesday, July 9, 2008

WRITING...or something like it.

I am a writer. I have mentioned that before I am sure. My day job I work in radio news, just the latest version of myself really. I have spent the last 10 years, give or take a day or two, working in broadcast news. The last couple of years I worked hard at being a freelance magazine writer. It's a bit more creative. I write about what I know, being a MOM! And of course there is this blog...a constant work in progress. I constantly think about how to improve...and hense, I am always seeking out other sites and blogs. I have probably logged hundreds of hours surfing and reading others.

I enjoy the writing. I am learning a lot about a lot and a lot about myself. Having said that I just wonder what I was thinking, writing three pieces in one month. I will get it done, there is no doubt about that BUT I just wonder how I will fit it all in. Kids, a full time job, part-time writing gig....homemaker, wife, cleaner, cook, gardener....You get the picture.

Sometimes I wonder how to find the balance. I write because it's really what I would love to be doing and also why I keep taking articles when my sked is already full. Maybe soon I can do it full time, and work from home.

Write On!