Monday, July 13, 2009


So my baby is about to turn 4. I can't believe it.

She is a summer baby, obviously and that means parties are now easy task when it comes to having friends come. This year was "M's" first ever kids party. We have tried before but last year we just couldn't find a day when all of her friends were in town. So this year we started asking before the school year was over, getting everyone to check their Mommy daytimers. And low and behold, everyone who was on the invite list was in town. Amazing!! Planning got underway.

We picked a theme. "M" is a true princess, in every way so it was a natural fit. She wanted a princess party.

We picked a venue. My little princess is a dancing princess and wanted to have her little party at her dance studio. Done!

We picked a guest list. All the friends, oops I mean princesses, that she wanted at the party were invited, including a real princess.

We picked an outfit: So, if you noticed in an earlier post, big sister had a Minnie Mouse party, including ears and skirts for every guest. Can you see where this is going? So "M" sprung it on us a week before the party, naturally everyone at her party would be getting skirts. Needless to say, Mom got planning, and I mean fast. I came up with the idea of tutu's that I would make. And every princess would also get their own crown.
It was actually a really fun party to plan. I had a great time and the tutu's turned out FABULOUS! I think a business idea has been born.

More pictures to come!!!!