Friday, July 3, 2009


This past week, the week since Michael Jackson died, has been interesting. Interesting to me because of the role the Internet has played in spreading news, rumour, opinion, speculation, you name it was spread. I work in the media in my full time working life. I was in the newsroom the day Michael Jackson died. I arrived in the newsroom just as news was rising to a fever pitch about the pop icon. Every computer in the newsroom was being used to search for information, any information, true or not, about Jackson. We weren't alone in that, there was so many people world wide searching for any word on the fate of Jackson that it actually crashed or slowed several sites, including google, twitter and . There are a few articles online about what happened.

I realize how much my own habits have changed, and how I find information and news. More and more I find that I am turning to my computer before I turn to the T.V or radio for news. It's an interesting admission for someone like me, especially since I make a living by working in radio news. I think many traditional news outlets/stations under estimate the importance of the Internet/websites. It is the window to the world and I think anyone not keeping up on their websites or keeping a strong online presence are missing out.

What do you think? Do you think traditional media is keeping pace in this technological age?