Friday, October 16, 2009


OK, anyone who really knows me knows how much I love a good cup of coffee. Well, OK a great cup of coffee. I have long been a coffee conisseur. The student centre/cafe at my university had great coffee. When I went to college I was spoiled, I couldn't even stomach the sludge they were serving at the college coffee shop. I NEED coffee to get through my day so when I heard that Tassimo Canada was on twitter giving machines away to tweeters I asked... " how can I get in on the action" and it wasn't long before I was lucky enough to get a machine.
I waited anxiously for days and then this week the lovely folks at FedEx arrived on my porch with a lovely big box.

And in that box was my perfect little Tassimo coffee machine and loads of coffee discs.

I am enjoying my machine. I have had several coffees BUT because I am so generous I served up my first cup to my friend Lisa. She had been hearing all about my twitter coffee machine all week and so when she heard that the machine had arrived she quickly came knocking at my door....two days in a row.

Thanks Tassimo Canada. I will keep you updated on how we like the machine, how well it works and how we like the coffee.

(P.S. I was given the machine free. There were no promises of reviews made and no requests made from Tassimo Canada. I will review the machine and the coffee just becase I want to and not because I have to)