Wednesday, March 31, 2010


So I have a personal interest in Young Adult literature. I am doing a little bit of my own writing so I have been trying to do some extra reading in that area of the library/book store recently. So tonight I wanted to review a quick review of a YA book I just finished. SIDE EFFECTS by Amy Goldman Koss


Koss tells the story of an artistic 14-year-old girl whose life takes a very unexpected turn when she's diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma.When I first started to read this book I was worried that it would be sad and heavy but Koss brings are light, humourous tone to the very serious topic of cancer. The lead character is spunky and interesting. Izzy is a firery 8th grader who takes her personal brand of fight and takes on cancer. She has to learn about her illness fast. The story takes on a very serious topic but it doesn't depress it actually uplifts. It is great to see our young lead character take ownership of her own health care. It is a funny book with a great message. I enjoyed it.