Monday, March 1, 2010


So Birthday's are a big deal in my family. As a child my parents always had a party for us. It was never anything like the kids parties are now a days but we always had friends over, a special meal and of course cake. My grandmother always made us money cakes. Totally awesome! And now that I am an adult we still have parties, although they are just family now but our birthday's are always a special day. We get to pick what we want for dinner and my mom makes or gets us a cake. Now that I have kids, I really put a lot of effort into birthdays. I just feel like it should be the one day of year that you should feel special. It's your day!

So I like to start planning parties early. My oldest daughter is turning 7 years old in May and it's no surprise that I am already planning. I like to have a different theme every year. Last year it was a Minnie Mouse party. The Christmas before we had been to Disney for the first time. The kids were over the moon and that was the inspiration for the party.

And of course then there was the party for my youngest last year, she was turning 4 and everything was about the princessess. Like here big sister, there was home made skirts. At both parties, all the party goers got to take home their skirts. It was the loop bag.

So this year we decided on a flower theme for my oldest daughters party. Her birthday is in spring so it will be a flower tea party. Here are some of the ideas that we found courtesty of this website,

(pictures from )

So, am I crazy for starting to plan so early? What do you do for your children's birthday parties? Do you have any suggestions for our flower tea party?