Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cottage Tradition

My aunt walking to the car from Webers
People stand in line in the rain with Webers umbrellas.

So for anyone who travels up to Muskoka you will know all about Webers. It is a burger place that has become a cottage tradition for thousands of people every summer. So this weekend on my way up to the cottage with my Aunt we decided to stop. It is the first time in a while since I have stopped for a burger and fries. And I am glad that we did stop. It reminded me of my childhood. We would stop for burgers occasionally on our drive up north.

 It never ceases to amaze me at how many people stop at this cottage-country destination. The line ups are always long but this burger joint has a system and boy does it work. As you line up for food someone comes out to take your order while you are still in line outside the restaurant. Then someone else takes your order and rings it up inside and comes back to tell you how much it will cost. You hand over the cash and then they bring you back your change - all while you are still about 6 or 8 people back from the front of the line and your food.

The day we stopped it started to rain, after we got our food mind you. I was glad for that. We ate our food in the car but watched out the window as dozens of people waited in line in the rain. It wasn't long before I watch in surprise as staff from Webers started handing out umbrellas to all those waiting in line. Amazing. They were loaning everyone in line an umbrella while they waited for their food. Now that is customer service.

Our burgers and fries were amazing. As good as I remembered ...maybe even better. I look forward to sharing this cottage tradition with my kids on the next trip up to the cottage. My kids have never had the chance to eat a Webers burger and fries at THE WEBERS.

What are your summer or cottage traditions. I would love to hear about what you do with your families.