Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lost Focus

I have lost focus - Does this ever happen to you?

I had high hopes for blogging in February but it all got derailed somewhere along the way. It was a tough month for me, what about you?

I think I had finally come off the rest and relaxation  and high of my Christmas vacation with the family. We were in Florida as usual and it was a great time to rest and spend time with my entire family. I think the February Winter Blues had finally set in. You know what I mean - that overall blah feeling from too much cold, too much snow and lack of sunshine.

I had big plans for writing about relationships in February but sickness, work stress and overall blah feelings got in the way. I still plan on working on improving the quality of my relationship.

I am hoping this month to continue to improve my blogging, continue to write more freelance and work on this months theme. I am thinking fitness and overall health .