Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Me, Kids and Money

I am going to be honest here.....

I am not that good with money.

There I said it. It is not that I am terrible with it exactly but more that I don't really know what to do with it and how to make my money really work for me and make me more money. I work, I make money and I even work freelance to make a little extra money but I don't think that my money is really working for me. To be honest, the freelance work is not really where I would like it to be. In my dreams, the freelance work is enough from me to retire from my full time - punch a clock - work. I would love to be writing from my great third floor office (right now the great third floor office is a toy play room for the kids - a work in progress ). I work hard but would love to work better, not harder. I think part of the key to that is making the money that I do have do more things for me.

I love this blog post from Chatelaine....I would love my kids to know about money too!


I think sometimes we forget to talk to our kids about money, to teach them the importance of money, of saving it and how to spend it wisely.  We live in such a got-to-have it culture now a days, our children have everything they need and nearly everything they want. We have become such consumers, we are making our children super consumers. My kids are always wanting something, needing something, desperate to have the next-latest-greatest thing. I hope that through my experiences and our family money experiences that I am able to teach my children to be better savers and smarter spenders than I am.

What techniques or tools to you use to budget or spend wisely? How are you teaching your children to be smarter spenders and savers?