Monday, March 28, 2011

Walking Does the Body Good

I have been trying to get more exercise lately, which to be honest is easier said than done. It can be hard to stay motivated, I am sure you can all relate to that.  Well, since the weather is getting a bit better I finally decided to lace up those old dusty walking shoes and hit the pavement. We have a great area to walk. The waterfront trail is just a few steps from my front door so I hit the trail.

It was a great day for a walk. The sun was shining and the breeze was cool but not too cold. I started out slow because to be honest it had been a while since I actually got out walking. It didn't take long before I was hitting a great stride and moving a good pace. I was trying to remember to do all the things that I should, breathe, stand up straight, good posture, moving my arms and walking at a good pace/stride.

I felt great at the end of the walk. I wasn't out too long, in all about an hour. What I found the most amazing thing was even late at night, the end of my work day, I was still feeling good. Normally I am pretty tired by the time midnight rolls around. I think when it has been a while, you can forget about how great exercise can make you feel, both physically and mentally.

What are your exercise tips? Are you a walker or a runner?