Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Saved A Life Today

So getting up this morning for school, we were running late as we usually are. As I was trying to wake up my youngest daughter  I looked out their bedroom window. It over looks the backyard. I was shocked to see a little chipmunk madly swimming in the water that had collected in the lid of the plastic sandbox. The poor little thing was swimming and swimming and just couldn't get out of the lid. Who knows how long he had been swimming around in that little pool of water. So the girls and I ran down the stairs and out to the backyard to rescue the little creature. I instantly tipped the lid and let the water and the chipmunk pour out.... probably not the best approach. It was like a tsunami for that little guy. I had to scoop him up with my hand and put him down on a dry patch of dirt. He was exhausted. We weren't sure that he was going to make it. He wasn't moving much but we hoped he would pull through.

The girls went off to school, ready to tell our tale to everyone they met. It spread like wild fire around the classroom and playground. So naturally everyone was excited to see this.....

The girls were over the moon. They were so excited and happy to hear that our little chipmunk survived and will live another day....and my daughter said I was the best Mom in the world.