Monday, September 19, 2011

September Sickness

By the time the last two weeks of August roll around everyone in our house is kind of ready for school to start. The kids are getting on each others nerves and on mine. We all love to spend time together but we are ready for a change.

BUT .....

When September rolls around and school finally starts I quickly remember why I dislike this time of year. The first few weeks of school are rough. For example, last September the stomach flu spread like wildfire and then the school was suffering from a serious outbreak of head lice. We got caught up in both outbreaks. Wow, that was seriously not fun. The girls missed an entire month of dance classes because of the sickness and lice. So this year I decided to hold off on the dance class sign up until after the first few weeks of school in anticipation of the impending sickness. And just as I had suspected we have fallen victim again this September. Today is sick day number 2 for my oldest daughter and it is only the third week of school.  Both my girls are home this morning with a cough and complaints of sore stomachs. Mind you now that they are awake and have eaten some breakfast they are feeling better. I am going to attempt to get them off to school this afternoon. (Here's hoping).

It is not that I mind the kids being home... REALLY but I just don't get much done when they are home. Now that the kids are in school I plan out my days. I have housework and cleaning to do. I try to get some writing done, both for the blogs and the freelance work. I also enjoy having some time to myself after two months of summer with the kids.

I am hoping this will be the last sickness for at least a few weeks. And I am keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy winter!!!!

Check back here soon... in the next weeks I am going to post a few articles on how to keep healthy during back to school, some easy home remedies and some important tips as cold and flu season takes grip. Don't forget to leave your tips and tricks for surviving colds and flu in your house.