Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Staying Healthy - Tips

 So every September when school starts we get sick in our house. It never fails. It is like the start of sickness season for us, the unofficial start of the cold and flu season in our house.

I decided to go to some friends and fellow moms for a few tips and tricks for staying healthy this season.

Deborah Lowther, @KidsGummyMum ,with Iron Kids Gummies and Adult Essentials and a mother of three,  has lots of great information. She is a firm believer in getting outside, even when the weather turns chilly. Deborah says fresh air is important and when you partner that with family exercise it is a win-win. Go for a hike, walk to school and of course take your vitamins. She says it is really important to find ones the kids like and want to take, and don't forget to get vitamins for Mom and Dad too!