Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday Morning Hangover

OK. It is not what you are thinking.

The hangover I am talking about is from a weekend running around with the kids and dealing with home stuff. It seems I spend more time running kids around town and shopping and cooking and cleaning and doing the laundry. Just talking about it I am feeling tired.

Every weekend it seems to get busier and busier. The kids have dance and playmates. The kids now have dance rehearsal for the holiday Nutcracker performance. Now add in all the extras from the Christmas season like holiday staff parties, family and friend parties, the Santa parade and other family functions.

Monday mornings when I get up with the kids for school I feel more tired than I did Saturday morning after a week of work. The start of every work week is a slow one for me. I tend to spend more time relaxing on the couch Monday mornings as a way to recover from the weekend.

This week I am going to seek out some solutions for this Monday Morning hangover. I think it is about managing the stress level.

What do you do to manage the weekend schedule with family, kids and the house? What do you do to relax after the weekend?