Monday, November 26, 2012

Share The Joy! with Kinder

I love Christmas. The entire season is great. I love the decorations and the presents ( buying them and receiving them)  but mostly I love sharing the season with my family, especially my children. Christmas is a great time to share what the holidays mean to me with my children.

As part of the season, we make sure we give to others. Sharing the joy of the season with others is one of the most important things we do during the holidays. We do a lot of small things, including donating to our local food bank. In years past we have packed shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child with Samaratian's Purse. My kids love to pack a box full of great stuff that a child on the other side of the world might need and enjoy, like toys, school supplies, socks, a new towel and soap. It makes us feel good to know a small effort on our part can mean something big to another person's life.  We also make sure to give toys and books to as many local toy drives as we can. This year we have several books and toys to donate. The kids love to know  they are sharing the joy of the season with a child who might otherwise not have a Christmas if it were not for the kindness of others.     

We also like to share the joy of the season with people we know. Every year spend a few hours in the kitchen lovingly making a number of sweet treats for our friends and neighbours.  I always carefully select several recipes that the kids can help me with, some even no bake cookies. We whip up our creations and carefully pack them up and then head out with our Santa hats and red wagon and deliver our Christmas treats to all our neighbours. The kids love it. They take so much pride in the task of delivering a little taste of Christmas to friends. It is an important lesson to teach children (and not just at Christmas). While receiving is exciting, it is really important to give to others. It is a way to show others how much you care about them and that you are thinking about them. It warms my heart to see my girls learning to share and give back to others, especially the people who make our lives special throughout the year. 

Part of being a KinderMom we get a chance to taste some great Kinder treats.  This week we received another surprise in the mail ( although it is still a surprise for the kids). 

(photo to come...having trouble taking the picture because I can only do it when the kids are out. I don't want to spoil the surprise for them)

I put away all but one of the treats for Christmas. As a family we shared the Kinder Mini Eggs and they were delicious. Sadly, they were so good we ate them before I could take a picture of the package and the kids enjoying them. 

You can have a chance to taste these sweet Kinder treats. To kick off the sharing the great people at KINDER Canada are giving away 7,500 coupons so you can enjoy their delicious Kinder mini eggs for FREE. The giveaway is underway RIGHT NOW for the next ten days. Every day there will be 750 coupons given away.  

These Kinder Mini Eggs are a sweet treat. They have a great hazelnut centre. While they are not nut free like the Kinder Surprise Egg, they are just as tasty. This is an exclusive for Kinder's facebook community. It is all part of the Kinder A Joy To Share program in support of Children's Miracle Network of Canada. Check out this link to participate!  

There is a way you too can share the joy this holiday season. Please take a moment to watch the Martin Family story. Share it with your friends and family to help encourage donations to the Children's Miracle Network. For every share of the video, Kinder will donate $1 to the Children’s Miracle Network, up to $5,000. 

“Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.”