Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Travelling.... to Spain

In December my husband and I were given a once in a life time opportunity to travel to Madrid, Spain.... FREE. My husband is a comic book illustrator and was invited to a Comic Book Convention in Spain. They offered flight, hotel, food for TWO.  My husband graciously agreed to bring me along for the trip ( just kidding he didn't really have a choice now did he). We were in Spain for six days.

The people were so friendly and generous. The architecture is frankly beautiful.  The food was a bit of a challenge for me given that I don't really like seafood but what I can say is it was an adventure.

I has only taken me two months to post photos of our amazing trip....but I have finally done it.

Here is part one of many....SPAIN AT NIGHT.

During the day we were at the show but at night we had the opportunity to walk around and it was beautiful. The people hosting the Comic Con took us to dinner every night, we got a chance to sample the local cuisine and see downtown.

The streets and lane ways were so beautiful. The Christmas decorations lite up the night. It was just gorgeous out. It was so hard to believe the city was just as pretty at night ... as it was during the day

The buildings were just magnificent and made even more beautiful at night. The lights were fantastic accents to the lines of the buildings.
Block after block was lined with the most amazing architecture. Just unbelievable. These buildings have such history. I would love to hear the stories the walls of these buildings would tell... if walls could talk!
Every night hundreds, if not thousands, of people walked the streets shopping. At one point the downtown streets were closed off and so we took the opportunity to take a selfie!
The food..... WOW ... the food. This was just one of the beautiful meals we had the opportunity to sample. I will admit the amount of seafood and pork for this non-seafood-pork-eater was a challenge.

The deserts were must fantastic. 

Who could turn down desert!