Friday, January 28, 2011

Frugal Friday - Counting Your Pennies

Have you ever thought about all those pennies in your change purse?  How much are they really worth?

I have come across people who throw away those pennies. They consider them a nuisance but there is something to be said for that old saying.... "count your pennies!"

My kids love to count change and drop it into their piggy banks. They each have several piggy banks around the house. The ones they like the best are from they bank and they are see through. They are able to see exactly what they have inside. But when did we as adults get to the point where we consider change as a pain in the wallet? We treat change like it is worthless, a nuisance but it can really add up. We try to save change ( unless I am giving in to my cravings and using it for the vending machine at work) in jars, jugs, piggy banks and bins. More than once or twice I have taken large buckets of change to those change counting machines to tally up our haul. I once cashed in more than $100 that I used for that week's groceries.

What do you do with your change? Do you spend it, save it, or toss it?

I am going to challenge myself this year to see just how much I can save in change by the end of the year. Wonder if I can save enough for our annual trip to Florida? Can I save enough to go to Disney?